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Make a call on the pick lines to get free advice and tips on handicapping to profit, since on your own, you might not have the time or up to date information on handicapping, which might lose you money. Taking the assistance of a procapper saves you time as well as generates money through free picks, especially when every week, you struggle to profit from your own picks.   The handicap  professionals at are available to give you exclusive sports picks at no expense to you on possible winners in basketball, football and baseball.

Under this service, first time visitors are offered sports picks free of cost and if they wish to continue, they need to purchase them online or by calling the given numbers. The tips that you receive are after intense analysis of the betting probabilities on an hourly basis and only the best are put forward. You can also get other real time betting chances that are safe and ensures trouble free deposits and quick payouts. The people who give out free picks on basketball are very knowledgeable handicappers with experience and they are able to do so due to being on the ball, so to speak every minute of the day. The basketball handicappers who give these free picks have the benefit of private information and are also knowledgeable about the capabilities of different players on a given day, which gives them the ability to predict winners. One advantage for first timers at the site is the chance to get free weekend selections which also has free NFL picks.
Some Types of Bets

Basic Wagering and Vigorish

  When the sports book takes a cut of 4.5% on all the money bet, with the bettors keeping equal amounts on both the undergo as well as on the favorite, that bet is referred to as Basic Wagering and Vigorish.

Straight Bets

The gambler takes a bet on a team he feels will win and this kind of bet, which is pretty common is referred to as a straight bet.


In football and basketball games, the two teams are anticipated to score a specific number which becomes the total line and based on this; gamblers wager that the two teams combined will either score either less or more than this total.  


This bet is one where two or more than two single game bets are considered as one and to emerge victorious in a parlay, the gambler must bet correctly on every game considered in the parlay.

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