Palm Casino

Palm casino is situated in the favorite Las Vegas Nevada strip. Palm casino established its prominence in the gambling scene once it earned 17 “Best of Las Vegas” awards. Palm casino is among the most exciting amusement locations in Las Vegas strip. Palm Casino offers resort, hotel and casino amenities. A haven to the tired vacationer. Palm Casino will certainly invigorate your sore muscles with the help of sheer excitement it offers.

Palm Casino has 95, 000 sq . ft . of casino. Palm Casino has over 1, 800 slot machine games and video poker machines, a vintage poker room, keno lounge and many others. Palm Casino is where all the excitement is actually. Plus the enjoyment in no way stops in Palm Casino. There is a game for every type of play with all types of players accessible in Palm Casino. Palm Casino has all of the favorite table games, race and sports book and also 2 high limit sections offered.

Palm Casino offers race with 140 individual workstations seat complete with individual tv sets and task lighting. Palm Casino also has 50 Interactive Gamer Terminals. Palm Casino has 25 tracks each day which include major thoroughbred in the U. S. , quarter horse, harness tracks and greyhounds. Palm Casino offers exclusive promotion for those who belong to the “Winners Circle” club. Palm Casino sports book provides spacious seating in both sportsbook as well as VIP lounge. A lot more specialized betting offered compared to other places. You can watch all national satellite sporting events whether pro and college football, college basketball, golfing, racing, professional hockey as well as baseball and several other matches.

For all those into poker games, Palm Casino offers two diverse poker rooms accessible from which you may choose your game. Low limit poker player can easily select $2 – $4 Texas hold em as well as $4-$8 Texas Holdem. Seven Card Stud as well as Omaha can be played at the players request. If you want to play larger games, it is possible to visit the High Stakes Poker Area together with tables as well as plasma televisions which allow you to observe your favorite race and sporting events whilst playing poker.

You could play the actual $9-$18 Texas hold em and No Limit Texas Holdem. You can even request larger games if you wish. Palm Casino poker room implements probably the most generous player comp policies in Vegas. You can also request food services in the Poker room in Palm Casino if you want to eat as you play. Palm Casino also has the loosest and best paying slots inside Las Vegas. Using the ticket-in ticket-out technology, Palm Casino gives the participants a trouble-free gambling experience. That just goes to show that at Palm Casino you will get the best and the most exhilarating gaming experience.